Strategy is the spark – it’s central to our work. We think the best strategy comes from bringing together the analytical and the playful to find powerful ideas.

Inspired by ‘Back Alley Insights’, we make space for unexpected, idea-driven brand expressions that engage client teams and connect deeply with consumers. This is strategy that sizzles and inspires. It’s how we energize brands and deliver results.


Our approach to strategy

We know from experience that strategy is rarely linear – so we embrace some flexible principles. We boil it down – identifying and articulating the opportunity and path forward through brutal simplicity. Then we explore how it comes to life – working alongside the creative team to create one connected story.


Our strategic services

Brand Positioning: A guide for how the brand comes to life in the world and connects with consumers.

Brand Portfolio Architectures: A system to enable every element of the brand and organization to be part of that story.

Brand Experience Roadmaps: Directions for how to actualize the strategy through tone of voice, messaging, visual directions, launch, and activation.

Innovation: Breakthrough ideas for new product development and experiences that build brand equity by connecting deeper with consumers.

Internal Initiative development: Creating momentum, excitement, and change internally, across departments, disciplines, and regions.


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“We know immediately whether something is on-brand or not. So do our customers. So does Vault49. Their insights built a powerful foundation that served as the guardrails for all creative decisions. Vault49 articulated a brand manifesto that fostered a cult following and served as the cornerstone for so much great work.”