Brand Identity

Creating the visual identity for a brand is how we build its character. Like handwriting, it must be unique but natural, capturing heart and soul.

That sometimes means embracing quirks or tensions – attributes that will make the brand stand out in the market and feel true for consumers. At the same time, it needs to be a functioning system. Core elements must be iconic enough to flex and vary while staying recognizable over many years.


Our approach to brand identity

While brand strategy opens up the opportunity for the brand, brand identity is where it starts to take form and tell a story with color, type, imagery, and icons as well as logo. The big idea crystallizes what the brand stands for and how it’s going to show up. First we think big – then we think small. It’s the details that make the difference and deliver the strategy across every touchpoint in customers’ lives from packaging through to POS, digital experience, motion, and environments.


Types of brand identity projects

Brand creation: Start-up and new products are exciting because they are a chance to take a new stance in a category. We know the norms and always look to stretch and challenge them.

Brand evolution: Balance is key in refreshing and evolving brands. It means identifying and keeping what is strong, while finding ways to add a twist and increase relevance in the current market.

Sub-brand creation: Brand portfolios are essentially families, and our focus here is to carry the genetic brand code through, thinking through how the parts sit together and stand apart.

Campaign identity: A visual identity can focus a campaign around an idea and establish a coherent look and feel. Just as with products, it’s about stand-out and recognition across multiple channels.


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“Vault49 deliver dynamic brand identities that are grounded in research and strategy. Their solutions extend far beyond a logo and go deep into company culture, customer service, brand experience, and guidelines. And they’re visually stunning.”

Brand Identity