Digital Experience

We treat brands as experiences. Digital content is powerful because it’s where we can spark engagement and make encounters memorable. Digital opens a door for us creatively.

We call it ‘Motion-Based Shareability’, and we make sure to build it in. It’s central to how brands come alive and touch customers. Through animation and interaction, we quite literally add another dimension, fostering communities and dialogues. 


Our approach to digital experience

Our strength is in crafting coherent campaigns. We anchor digital content in the big idea and develop it to delight and surprise. We believe it’s the combination of channels and media, physical and digital, that strengthens the impact of the idea.


Types of digital projects

Social media: A social media brand strategy supports nearly every branding project or campaign we work on. It’s how we build collective excitement and reach audiences close-up.

Animation: Building on the core brand story and concept, we create 2D or 3D animated content. It’s a great way of capturing the spirit of a brand and catching the eye too.

Websites: An effective website requires a consistent and engaging application of the brand experience. Often the most important touchpoint, we make sure the online experience is compelling on desktop and mobile.

In the environment: Using moving images in both corporate or consumer environments always makes an impact. We integrate displays and projections into environments to take over spaces and create immersive experiences.


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“Vault49 gets to the heart of what matters for brands in a digital environment. They capture an authentic brand voice and bring it to life in digital experiences, both online and through in-person activations, in a way that deeply resonates with our consumers.”

Digital Experience