Packaging Design

We talk about ‘Packaging with Purpose’. By this, we mean that packaging can work really hard for a brand. We look at consumers’ relationship with products at different stages of their journey.

Packaging must express the brand and deliver the right messages from the shelf, whether in store or online. Then, it takes on another life in the hand, and in the home. People treasure packaging they like. It’s both part of the product and an extension to it. It’s an experience.  


Our approach to packaging

We start by defining the objectives: is it about repositioning or behavior change? We come at packaging with new perspectives and seek innovations that help solve problems. In the store environment, there is an opportunity to challenge norms and communicate in unexpected ways. Treating it as a media space in its own right, we look at how to achieve change for the brand.

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Types of packaging design projects

Packaging for brand launches: We make sure that new products pack a punch and catch the eye with a focused proposition.

Brand portfolios: We look at how families of products work together, creating systems that allow for growth.

Limited editions: These are an excellent opportunity to take brands into new areas. We get to be creative and push concepts to make an impact.

Structural innovations: Working with the 3D form is a great way to create a recognizable brand icon or extend the brand into formats for different occasions.



“Vault49 delivered a clear strategy for Runa’s rebrand, anchored in specific consumer insights and validated through research. The resulting packaging design was a game-changer for the business, measured by a substantial lift in sales as soon as it hit the shelf. Their passionate, creative team is a pleasure to work with.”

Packaging design