We have always put emphasis on understanding brands at street level. That means deeply immersing with customers up-close and personal, experiencing their lives and educating ourselves on cultural complexities. It’s critical for understanding the world in which our designs will live.

For us, research is a process that is ‘always on’. We go deep, and we go broad. We tune in to the world of the consumer, listening to their needs and emotions. We aim to find the ‘back alley insights’ that make all the difference.


What are back alley insights?

Back alley insights have three things in common. They are nimble – they may come from a global consumer quantitative study or quick and dirty on-the-street observation. They must be actionable – we look for real opportunities for brands, for the near and short term. Lastly, they are future-forward – they must inspire what might come next.


Our research capabilities

Qualitative consumer research, ethnographic approaches that provide a deeper understanding of real life

Tapping into our global network of diverse category and cultural experts

Collaborative workshops/labs with consumers and clients to test, iterate and build ideas

Cultural deep dives across the world to provide us with the full context and inspiration of the world brands live in

Contextual audits of close competitors and analogous categories to identify whitespace opportunities and inspire how we can capitalize on them

Data deep dives of existing research, where we go deeper on the why’s behind the numbers


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“Vault49 get that if you want to understand consumers then you have to go to the field and meet them. As an agency they uncover genuine consumer insights through an electric combination of in-person interaction, data analysis, and intuition.”


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Working across disciplines and channels makes our work stronger – it’s how the sparks fly. Our diverse team has both deep expertise and blurred boundaries.