Names are how brands live in the world, on the lips of consumers, and in conversations. When crafted well, names are powerful in how they lodge in the brain, gathering associations on the way.

Despite expectations, finding the right name does not begin and end with a dictionary, search engine, and a score chart. Naming your brand requires a considered strategy, objectively set criteria, and a creative edge. This process ensures that together we find a name that fits your business and meets your objectives.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, getting to the right name early is vital for the creative process. The right name inspires the creative direction and sets the tone for the full brand expression.


Our approach to naming

The names we create are driven by brand strategy and inspired by customer culture. We explore approaches that bring the brand story to life and connect with a tribe, while solving important functional requirements and business objectives. We work iteratively to generate a wide range of options then use defined criteria to filter them down.


Types of naming projects

New-to-world names: in launching a new brand, there is the opportunity to make a statement in the category. For these kinds of projects, naming can work hard to set out the attitude and positioning. We think broad and brave.

Name-changing: Brands can evolve beyond the meaning of their existing name. Changing the name of a brand comes with unique legacy challenges, yet when successfully integrated into brand and creative strategy, a naming shift can unlock significant momentum.

Naming systems: Sub-brand, product brand, and variant naming can mean looking at protocols and conventions, building a system that works for the brand, allowing for future expansion.

Naming campaigns: Names can work hard in brand activation and events, and for internal cultural programs too. Naming a campaign or initiative turns it into a tangible proposition and promotes sharing and engagement.


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“Vault49’s approach to naming is strategic, poetic, and firmly rooted in a solid brand identity. They kept a laser focus on customer experience as part of a broader brand world, and understood our competitive context. Their objective process delivered a powerful name that is true to our brand values.”