Creative Labs

Our street-level approach to creativity was the inspiration behind our Labs – bespoke experiences that unite brand teams, trade partners, and consumers to create the future of brands, together.

Whether it’s a closed set or an event, Creative Labs are an authentic, interactive, exciting way to capture and communicate the creative essence of a brand.


What makes them special?

Just like the rest of our work, Labs are creative, curious, and iterative. By bringing client teams and consumers along on the journey with us, these short, collaborative sessions open up new opportunities and generate breakthrough ideas.


Types of labs

Creative Labs: Highly engaging and hands-on, our Creative Labs are part theater, part brainstorm, but full-on engagement. Creative Labs are especially helpful in exploring a brand’s essence and vision, developing concepts, and ideating around activations.

Innovation Labs: Bringing consumers and stakeholders together in the ideation process combines the rigor of research with full engagement of the team, and results in ideas that resonate for everyone.

Mini Labs: Mini Labs unlock the optimal brief. Here, we engage the diverse collective of the Vault49 team to quickly and efficiently develop a range of creative solutions around a brand’s challenges and opportunities.


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“We strongly believe in the power of design in driving business performance. Vault49’s Creative Lab for Baileys delivered a three-year ideas pipeline, in a remarkably resource efficient and exciting way – not to mention being great fun for all of our brand team.”

Creative Labs