The Future of RTD Cocktails​​


We’ve been riding the wave of ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) for a few years, but what’s next for this booming category?

Watch Vault49’s Leigh Chandler, Partner & Creative Director, and Emily Cristoforis, Director of Strategy, in a conversation where they explore the broader consumer and cultural trends that have driven the RTD boom to date, and discuss how we see those shifting over the coming years.

They explore areas and questions such as:

  • RTD’s are “better” (for you): The perceived “better for you” halo around RTD’s is in line with an overall growth in wellness. But as the concept of “wellness” is continuing to evolve and get more dynamic and all-encompassing, what new angles on “better” could RTD’s tap into?
  • RTD’s are easy: The ease and convenience of RTD’s makes them a simple choice for consumers, but as we all emerge back into a post-COVID world, how can RTD’s anticipate and deliver on what “easy” might look and feel like in the lives of consumers?
  • RTD’s are buzz-worthy: It seems like there’s a new RTD brand or flavor on the shelf every day –and that hype and novelty factor is part of the category growth. But what happens when the novelty dies down, and new news in the category just becomes noise on the shelf?
  • RTD’s are straight up enjoyable! Probably the most obvious reason for the RTD boom is that they taste great, are easy to drink and easy to share. But how might RTD brands stand out by delivering enjoyment in new and unexpected ways that add value beyond the category baseline of enjoyment?

They apply the lens of these macro-trend shifts to the RTD category, sharing implications and our creative predictions for the future of RTD’s.

What: Future of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Webinar

Who should attend: brand and marketing managers seeking actionable trends in- and out-of the RTD cocktail category