Casastera cans with grapefruit slices

Creating a new premium RTD brand

Developing a range of perfectly balanced, expertly blended spiked seltzers, entrepreneurs Kyle King and George Cultraro II seized upon an opportunity to open up the premium Tequila experience to a broad audience with their new ready-to-drink (RTD) brand, Casatera.

As their strategic creative partners, our challenge was to create a unique brand world and packaging to enable this new brand to stand out in the highly competitive RTD category.

Deriving from casa, meaning ‘house’ or ‘home’, and tierra, Spanish for ‘ground’ or ‘land’, building authenticity and meaning into the Casatera brand name became our creative springboard.

Viewing traditional Mexican architectural shapes and forms through a contemporary lens was the key to unlocking our creative vision.

A visual way to welcome people into the world of Casatera, our ownable archway device became the focal point for the clean and simple pack architecture. The curves of the arch have also been incorporated in the letterforms of our hand-drawn wordmark.

Tequila Reimagined

A strong and positive symbol in Mexican culture, hummingbirds are also part of the Tequila-making process. To represent their role in pollination and giving life to agave plants, turn our hand-crafted hummingbird key brand asset upside down and it transforms into a blue agave plant; the base ingredient for Tequila, the heart of Casatera.

We chose a distinctive ‘agave blue’ as the primary brand color to immediately set Casatera apart from other Tequila-based products. A complementary copper adds warmth. With its metallic finish when used on pack, it adds a tactile premium cue that invites people to pick up a can.

Our ownable photography style heroes the products, with real pieces of fruit communicating flavor profiles. Plant shadows adds further depth and texture, and reconnect the brand back to the tierra once again.

We’ve also incorporated Mexican-inspired black and white tile patterns to work in harmony with the blue and copper across key visuals and comms.

Delivering maximum impact on shelf and behind the bar, our holistic brand experience, visual identity and packaging designs communicate Casatera’s unique offering, setting the brand up to confidently own the premium Tequila-based RTD space.

Welcome to the home of this exciting new brand.